The Top 5 Ways To Talk Dirty During Sex Without Feeling Awkward

By Pussycats Burwood

15 Aug 2023

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How to talk dirty during sex? One of the greatest fears of men and women alike is talking dirty during sex. It can feel awkward, it can feel un-sexy, and it just doesn’t seem natural! But if you are struggling to talk dirty during sex, keep reading; because after reading this blog you will have 5 easy ways to talk dirty during sex without feeling awkward.

1) Make it natural

Once you’ve relaxed into a sex session, talking dirty can actually be pretty natural. Say something that’s true - for example, I love having your hands on my hips like that. Or say something erotic or romantic - for example, that feels amazing when you do it like that. If you don’t have anything true or erotic/romantic to say, just moan, sigh, and make all kinds of noises. That works too!

2) Keep it short

Less is more when it comes to dirty talk. It’s great that you want to spice things up in bed but remember: unless your partner has specifically asked for more (and they will let you know), keep things short and sweet. It’s best not to go overboard with detailed role-playing and character descriptions; leave that for your fantasies - in other words, what goes on in your head! A few well-placed compliments are a good way to get started. You look so sexy right now or I love how hard you make me feel are both simple ways of complimenting your partner while also bringing some sexiness into play.

3) Be specific

Rather than simply saying I like it when you do that, you can be more specific and tell your partner what exactly you like. For example, instead of simply saying that feels so good, you can tell them exactly how it feels - for example, your mouth on my clitoris feels amazing. From there, things can get even more detailed; when I feel your tongue slide between my labia it makes me want to squirm with pleasure. You can also talk about where they are touching you; for example, if they’re using their hands to massage your breasts, you might say something like I love feeling your hands massaging my breasts. Being specific about what turns you on during sex will help both of you communicate better in bed and build a better sexual relationship overall.

4) Use suggestions rather than demands

When you’re trying out something new in bed, you don’t want to sound bossy or imposing. Instead of saying I want you to do X, Y, and Z, try using suggestive words as I love it when we... so that your partner feels like they have some say in what happens. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want: This can be a little tricky if you feel self-conscious about talking dirty during sex. But if there are things that really turn you on, it’s okay to ask for them! You might even find that once you get started with dirty talk during sex, your inhibitions will fall away and suddenly everything is easier.

5) Try compliments

A general rule of thumb is that good dirty talk should be about your partner and his or her body, not about you and your own. However, one technique that may help you feel more comfortable talking dirty during sex is giving compliments (to both yourself and your partner). For example, if you’re worried about saying something like I want to fuck you hard right now, try easing into it by first complimenting him on how great he looks naked or how much you love her breasts. This will get you in a positive mindset and make it easier for you to follow up with a sexy request.

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